As a principal partner of COP26, we held all kinds of expert panel discussions and livestreamed events at our stand in the Green Zone.

If you didn’t get the chance to see our events live at COP26, you can still watch recordings of everything we did right here.

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The Voice of All

Our aim is to bring together the voices of everyone who cares about climate change in an unprecedented way.

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Every voice matters in the fight against climate change, but young people’s futures will be most affected by the decisions and actions we make today.

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People care about the planet, but the battle against climate change and the effects of global warming can seem an enormous challenge. There’s always that doubting voice whispering, “how is this possible?” and “can I really make a difference?”

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It is our goal to bring people across the Northeast U.S. together to find common sense solutions to the challenges that face our society. If we are to secure a future free of the threat of climate change, we must all begin working together now.

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