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We are digital creators, continuous learners and daring innovators.

This is an exciting time for the energy sector. Decarbonisation and the growth of renewables technology is fundamentally changing the electricity and gas transmission systems.

Digitalisation enables the growth of green technologies, by increasing the volume and quality of data sharing via virtual networks, improved analytics, and the development of digital capabilities across the energy sector.

Digital will play a key role in the journey to net zero, as the energy sector converges with transport, telecoms and other industries in the drive to whole system decarbonisation.

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  • Bring cost-savings for customers

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Enable greater coordination and transparency across the energy sector

  • Accelerate the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

Our roles

We are digital Creators, continuous learners​ and daring innovators. Find out more about our roles and how to join us.

Our work

Digitalisation is key to unlocking the benefits of the energy transition for all, creating a clean, green future with a thriving economy, where nobody gets left behind.

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