On 18 November, National Grid hosted its annual investor day event. To watch on demand content and visit supporting materials please see below.

Doing Right Now

A keynote from CEO, John Pettigrew

Keynote opening

Keynote opening video

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Western Power Distribution (WPD)

A discussion about our recent electricity distribution acquisition

Introducing WPD

Introducing WPD

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Delivering efficiently for all: our financial frame

A keynote from CFO, Andy Agg

Row of lattice electricity pylons against an orange sky

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Andy Add Transcript

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Q&A image

Audience Q&A session

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Energising the UK

Onshore and offshore electricity transmission

UK electricity pylon

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Wind turbines in sea

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Empowering the State

New York


Smart paths

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Transforming our networks

Our New England business



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Q&a closing comments

Closing comments and Q&A

Q&A transcript

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