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Next dividend




Record date

Payment date

Amount per share (pence per share)

2022/23 final

18 May 2023

1 June 2023

2 June 2023

9 August 2023


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Announcement date

Scrip reference price

Scrip election date

8 June 2023

1,059.00 pence

12 July 2023 (5pm London time)

The scrip dividend reference price is calculated as the average closing mid-market price of an ordinary share for the five dealing days commencing with, and including, the ex-dividend date.

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The amount of tax that a UK resident individual shareholder who has elected to receive new ordinary shares pursuant to the Scheme is liable for will depend on the total amount of dividend income that individual receives in the tax year. Such individuals who receive dividend income of £2,000 or less in the tax year will be taxed at a nil rate on such dividend income (including the 'cash equivalent of the new ordinary shares' issued pursuant to the Scheme). For the purposes of calculating dividend income, UK resident individuals should include all income received on dividends from any company in the tax year including any 'cash equivalent of the new ordinary shares' received pursuant to dividend schemes, including but not limited to the Scheme. The £2,000 limit is referred to as an individual's Dividend Allowance.

If you have any doubts about how this change impacts your tax position, please refer to the government's guidance or speak to a professional tax advisor.

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To ensure your dividend reaches you on the payment date, have your dividends paid directly into your bank or building society account.

If you have not already set-up a dividend mandate and would like to take advantage of this secure and convenient way of receiving your dividends, please visit the Equiniti website.

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If you require a replacement dividend cheque, please contact our Registrars, Equiniti. Please note there may be a charge for the re-issue of a dividend cheque

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Read everything that you need to know on ADR dividends.

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