National Grid Ventures will continue to work closely with landowners and occupiers to plan and deliver the project. We will ensure all parties are kept as up to date as possible as the project progresses and we encourage them (or their representatives) to liaise with us as they feel is necessary.

We have identified all parties who we believe may be affected by the project based on Land Registry Data and are seeking to identify parties whose land interests are unregistered.

The pipelines would primarily run through agricultural land and will not be routed through private gardens.

Some surveys may be required in areas beyond the pipeline corridor for the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of local habitats and how they might be impacted by the project.

There is no intention to carry out surveys in private houses or gardens; these surveys are primarily in agricultural land and we will always work with landowners to seek access for surveys.

As part of our wider project commitments, we will also be working to deliver initiatives to enhance biodiversity. We welcome feedback from landowners and occupiers on any potential proposals that National Grid Ventures can support.

Contact us

National Grid Ventures has appointed Dalcour Maclaren to liaise with landowners and occupiers about the project. Should you require any further information, please contact Dalcour Maclaren by:

Phone: 01869 629007
Email: [email protected]

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