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Get to know us better, and find out how we're working to find better ways to deliver a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

National Grid helicopter in the US inspecting power lines

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Our helicopters play a crucial part in carrying out inspections and repair work on overhead power lines in both the US and UK. Find out how they are making it safer, faster and more cost-effective for us to keep the electricity network maintained and operating effectively.

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A reliable, consistent energy supply is essential for keeping our hospitals, transport networks, schools and homes running; so keeping our electricity grid secure and guarding against potential threats is something we take very seriously.

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With record temperatures in the UK we are continually monitoring our assets to ensure the network continues to operate efficiently. Read about some of the measures we take to keep electricity flowing safely around the country when temperatures soar.

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Storms can mean disruption and unpredictability for our electricity system. We take the job of ‘keeping the lights on’ very seriously and have a number of approaches in place to deal with potential issues that severe weather might cause.

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You might be aware that we use helicopters to carry out inspection work on our overhead power lines network across England and Wales, but did you know we also have a fleet of drones and a dedicated team to operate them?

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Whether it’s venturing into tunnels deep below London, using futuristic new technology or keeping the country’s lights on by making sure electricity flows to the right places, our apprenticeship schemes offer so many different and exciting opportunities.

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Inclusion and sustainability are both key to our commitments and one of our most exciting developments in the past year has been the P1 Compound; a pilot project to introduce a variety of neurodiverse and sustainable elements into construction site cabins

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Electricity pylons (or towers) have been part of the British landscape for almost 100 years, but how much do you really know about them? Here we bring you 12 facts you never knew about these iconic steel structures.

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With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics kicking off this week, we’re celebrating our own Herculean projects that took place a little closer to home; the construction of two colossal tunnels to provide power to the London 2012 Olympic games.

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Watch this video and see how we’re making bold commitments to protect our planet and build a clean, fair and affordable energy future for everyone.

Find out about our Responsible Business Charter

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Find out what's happening behind the scenes and how we're working towards a green energy future.

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Energy explained

Ever wondered what net zero means? Want to know how windfarms make energy? Or how electricity and gas gets to you? Here we answer all your energy questions.

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